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Serving Long Island’s finest properties since 1979.

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Nassau and Suffolk counties – Full parking lot installations, maintenance and repair. For all your commercial, industrial, residential properties including sporting surfaces such as pickleball courts.

“We have used PaveMaster for all our parking lot needs for over 15 years. Ryan and the team have been an absolute delight to work with. 

His team’s dedication to quality and having in place the necessary and qualified foremen shows their dedication to a quality delivered product.  We look forward to our continued relationship.”

Paul Romano
Director of Plant Operations
Hofstra University

Winter Preparations

Potholes & Cracks

If you didn’t get the chance to fully address the repair and maintenance needs of your parking areas before winter sets in, it’s not the end of the world.

  1. Crack Sealing: Seal cracks to prevent water from entering and expanding when frozen. This is where most major repairs start if not addressed.
  2. Pothole Repair: Repair potholes before winter, as the freeze-thaw cycles will make them significantly worse.
  3. Storm Drains: Ensure integrity of catch basins. Are drains strong and functional?
  4. Line Striping: Re-paint faded lines for parking spaces, and have clearly marked traffic directions for safety and ease of use.

“Consistent high level of performance and satisfaction.

I have been working with their solid team for over 10 years.  In order to maintain a consistent level of spending and provide a safe facility – I have been able to establish paving, sealing and drywell cleaning plans so that I can budget to maintain consistent levels of spending over the years.

I also have been able to resolve long term issues thanks to consulting with PaveMaster. Issues such as elimination of the puddling of water and flooding in the parking lots, As well as creating landscape design features around the campus.”

Sam Fischer
Director of Engineering
Northwell Health

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Complete Pavement Services

New home with new masonry walkways and porch and siding


Masonry Experts

Transform Your home with PaveMaster: Expert Masonry in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.


Asphalt Maintenance

Nassau | Suffolk | Queens | Brooklyn

Parking Lot Repair

Asphalt | Concrete | Masonry | Drainage

When there is an emergency parking lot repair we are right there for our clients.

To help you get the most out of your pavement investment – We suggest to proactively address parking lot repairs. Being on a maintenance schedule will help ensure that small parking lot repairs stay small.

Complete Parking Lot Services

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Lighting + Conduit

Residence Inn near JFK airport in Queens.

Masonry and Concrete Construction.

Not Just Quality Commercial and Residential Asphalt Paving. We are Complete pedestrian and vehicular pavement specialists.  Above and below ground. If you walk, drive or play outside on it – we build that. Here is a masonry project we recently finished using Cambridge pavers.

Not Just Paving

Because we do so much more.

We started as one of Long Island’s first seal coating companies. We are a Full-service Paving contractor. We offer cost effective resurfacing solutions, high quality masonry and commercial concrete solutions.

Ryan Platt


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