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It’s one of the worst feelings on the road. It’s that seat jostling, tire cracking, “what did I just hit??”, annoyance better known as hitting a pothole, and it’s that time of the year where they are everywhere. As the rainy winter season comes to an end, commuters across Long Island are dealing with potholes one way or another, sometimes with a couple hundred dollars in damaged tires. Nassau residents have lamented this “pothole pandemic” and likened driving the county roads to driving in a “bounce house”. So what can we do to combat them?

On Tuesday, March 9th, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran announced “Operation Smooth Commute”, the county’s pothole repair program. Over the past six weeks, 12 crews have filled over 11,280 potholes and resurfaced over 30 miles of Nassau County roads. This resurfacing process strengthens the asphalt by filling in surface voids and acting as a waterproofing agent to minimize the rate at which water enters the pavement. Curran also announced a new Nassau hotline you can call if you see a pothole on the county roads, which should be filled in 48 hours or less. 

One of the added benefits of “Operation Smooth Commute” is that when the crew utilize techniques such as resurfacing, they not only repair the current pothole, but they are assisting in the prevention of future potholes. Potholes are created when melting snow and rain runoff leaks into cracks in the road and then freezes overnight. Since water expands when it freezes, it cracks the road, so when cars drive over it, it creates that unsightly crater. As a result, potholes need to be refilled with high quality hot asphalt so that there are no more cracks in the road that can be filled with water. Here is where “Operation Smooth Commute” has focused its efforts. 

While this program has made a significant impact on public roads, what about your asphalt parking lots and private roadways? Just like the well worn roads of Nassau County, parking lots also experience major pothole damage after the winter, which still can cost you hundreds in tire and rim repair and make businesses look unkept and inaccessible. If you’re looking for a hotline to call for these jobs, look no further than the number for Pavemaster! For the last 38 years, Pavemaster has been diligently serving Long Island and the five boroughs, investing in the elegance and accessibility of commercial, industrial, and office properties. Our services include Sealcoating & Crack Sealing, Blacktop and Pothole Repairs, Asphalt Paving Services and more, to extend the life of your commercial properties for years to come. 

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