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Blacktop Repair

One of the most important parking lot maintenances that you can utilize is repairing any cracked asphalt before it gets too late.  Cracking in the asphalt allows for water to seep into the base which will eventually cause more cracking to appear causing a failure in the pavement or eventually potholes to repair.  We provide a few options to help prevent this from happening as well as repairing any of the failed areas.  Our team of experts can guide you with the proper repair technique that will protect your investment and your budget.

 Asphalt Removal and Replacement: 

As asphalt pavement progresses through its lifecycle, the appearance and strength diminishes over time.  Fine hairline cracks begin to appear, spread, and deepen within the asphalt.  Without ongoing maintenance, water may begin seeping through those cracks and holes will begin to form which will begin to undermine the base.  In this case the most effective repair is to remove and replace the deteriorated area.

This process involves saw cutting or milling out the existing asphalt and making the necessary repair.  Our professional and trained team can guide you on the right path to making the necessary repairs that your parking lot may need.

Asphalt Overlay Patching:

This process is involves some different techniques that will make the surface of your asphalt look good, but not fix the underlying problem as to why there was a failure causing the asphalt to crack.  When budget is an issue this is a more than proven way to make the repairs needed and the professionals at Pavemaster can assist you.  This repair option is simply cleaning the area, and applying a tack coat around the area to be repaired for adhesion and installing a layer of asphalt to eliminate the cracking that is happening or fix the pothole that has formed.