May 2023

Recent Work

For a new build out of 2 hotels in Queens, thanks to the collective strengths, capabilities and diverse skill sets of our team – here is some of what we accomplished:

  • Site work
  • Drainage
  • Concrete sidewalks. curbs, ramps and walls
  • Masonry driveways, entrances and walls
  • Asphalt driveways and parking area
  • Signage and markings

Trench Drains

Trench drains, alternatively known as channel or linear drains, have particular advantages over other types of drainage systems that make them an excellent choice for parking lots, particularly in areas like the Northeast US that experience substantial rainfall and snowfall.

The distinct advantages of trench drains include:

  1. Efficiency in High Water-Volume Areas: Trench drains are designed to manage high volumes of water, making them particularly effective in parking lots, where water from a large surface area is concentrated. Unlike other drains, they have a long and narrow design, creating a larger surface area for capturing and diverting water.
  2. Versatility in Directional Water Flow: Unlike point drains that rely on the ground being sloped towards them, trench drains work effectively on a flat surface by directing the water flow in one specific direction. This can be particularly beneficial for larger parking lots, where sloping the entire area might not be practical.
  3. Avoiding Water Backup: Point drains can become overwhelmed with heavy water flow or blocked with debris, causing water backup. The design of trench drains, however, allows water to continue to flow along the length of the drain if one part is blocked.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: Trench drains are easier to clean and maintain because their design allows for simple access and inspection.
  5. Safety and Comfort: Unlike point drains, trench drains are not a tripping hazard as they are flush with the ground and can be designed to blend with the surface, thus maintaining the aesthetics of the parking lot.

Trench drains are commonly installed at the entrances and exits of parking lots where water tends to accumulate due to the large, flat surface area. They can also be found along the perimeter of a parking lot, or strategically placed in areas with a high propensity for water pooling.

In summary, the strategic application of trench drains in a parking lot design can effectively manage stormwater, protect your investment, and ensure the safety of all users.

As a comprehensive provider of exterior property services, we are fully equipped to not only install and repair trench drains but also manage a wide range of other drainage systems. Here is the link to our Drainage page

What are you working on?

Need some expert advice on all things pavement related? We are here to assist you to get the most value, beauty and life out of your property investments.

New Restaurant in Islip. Re-using old pavers – add ADA ramp, sidewalks and drain to existing patio.

Keith Regan and crew use curves in this design to add simple elegance.

Masonry Value Adds

  • Durability: Masonry materials such as brick, stone, and concrete are extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and other wear and tear. This means that masonry features like driveways, walkways, walls, and patios can last for many years without needing frequent repairs or replacements.
  • Aesthetics: Masonry materials can add a classic and timeless look to any property. With a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns available, masonry can be used to create a unique and attractive design for any area of your property.
  • Increased Property Value: Adding masonry to your property can increase its value by enhancing its curb appeal and overall aesthetic appeal. This can be particularly important if you are planning to sell your property in the future.
  • Low Maintenance: Masonry features are generally low maintenance, requiring little upkeep beyond occasional cleaning and sealing. This can save you time and money in the long run.
  • Safety: Masonry features like walls and walkways can help to prevent accidents by providing a sturdy and safe surface for walking, as well as by defining boundaries and creating barriers.

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Sealcoating with Clear Markings

Value Adds

  • Prolonged pavement life: By slowing down the rate of deterioration, seal-coating can extend the service life of the pavement. This can delay the need for more expensive repairs or replacement.
  • Enhanced appearance: A freshly sealcoated parking lot can improve the appearance of the property, which can attract more customers or tenants and potentially increase property value.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Regular sealcoating can help prevent the formation of cracks and potholes, which can reduce the need for frequent and costly repairs.
  • Improved safety: A well-maintained parking lot with clear markings and a smooth surface can reduce the risk of accidents and the potential for liability claims.

Sealcoating makes fiscal sense.

Fresh Start to the Season

Applying sealcoat in the spring protects the pavement from the wear and tear of the summer months. Did we mention how it good it looks?

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Larger projects = More time

Our repairs and maintenance services are fairly easy to schedule – but for larger projects – you should be looking at scheduling now to get this on the 2023 calendar.

Schedule early for:

  • Asphalt Repairs & Maintenance
  • Resurfacing
  • Milling & Paving
  • New Construction
  • Drainage
  • Concrete projects
  • Masonry projects
  • Site-work

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Address cracks early and consistently

There are significant cost savings in the long run if crack filling, is performed on asphalt pavement in a parking lot. Addressing cracks early and consistently can prevent the need for more extensive and expensive repairs later on. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Prevention of water infiltration: Crack filling prevents water from seeping into the pavement’s base and sub-base layers, which can cause significant damage and lead to more severe pavement failures, such as potholes and alligator cracking. Water damage can be costly to repair and may require complete pavement replacement in extreme cases.
  2. Extended pavement life: Regular crack filling can help extend the life of your pavement by slowing down the rate of deterioration. This means you won’t have to invest in a full pavement replacement as quickly, saving you money in the long run.
  3. Reduction in additional repair costs: By addressing cracks early, you can prevent more extensive damage and reduce the need for other costly repairs, such as patching or resurfacing.
  4. Enhanced safety and aesthetics: Regular maintenance can help prevent accidents and liability issues caused by damaged pavement, as well as maintain a more attractive appearance for your property, which can contribute to property value and customer satisfaction.
  5. Lower lifecycle costs: Although there are costs associated with regular maintenance, the overall lifecycle cost of well-maintained asphalt pavement is generally lower than that of neglected pavement. This is because the cost of major repairs or replacement can far exceed the costs of regular maintenance.

In summary, regular crack filling and maintenance can lead to significant cost savings over time by extending the life of your asphalt pavement, reducing the need for expensive repairs, and maintaining an attractive and safe parking lot.

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Equipped with our expert knowledge and advice we can assist you on what needs to be addressed sooner and what can be planned for later. We look forward to hearing from you.

Parking lots take a lot of abuse.

Spring is the time to walk your property and check to see how it did last year. Being proactive with maintenance and repairs – saves money. We can help you with our free professional assessment of your Commercial exterior property pavement.

Fun Fact – Cracks will form into a pothole normally within three years. A single pothole can cost as much to repair as several years’ worth of crack sealing. Multiply that by the number of potholes that formed with repairs needed and…you do the math.

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What we look for

The first area of an asphalt parking lot that will likely deteriorate the fastest is typically the areas that are exposed to the most stress, such as:

  • High-traffic areas
  • Areas with tight turns,
  • Edges of the parking lot
  • Where vehicles frequently enter and exit,
  • The area around storm drains
Asphalt Services


  • Potholes
  • Cracks
  • Storm Drains
  • Pavement Markings
  • Entrances / Exits
  • Curbs / Sidewalks
Site work | Drainage


  • Potholes
  • Sinkholes
  • Drainage
Pavement Markings


  • Crack fill
  • Patch
  • Raise storm drain covers
  • Seal coat
  • Pavement markings

Equipped with our expert knowledge and experience you can easily decide on what needs to be addressed sooner and what can be planned for later. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Autumn is the time to protect your pavement for the upcoming Winter. A scheduled program of pavement maintenance that includes sealcoating and crack filling can more than double the life cycle of your asphalt pavement while providing maximum curb appeal.

Source: SealMaster

How do you maintain asphalt?

Address cracking early to keep water out from under your pavement. Water gets in. It freezes. It erodes base materials ultimately resulting in potholes and pavement failure.And eventually, over time, nature wins and breaks apart the asphalt.

Filling cracks with crack filler stops the entrance of water and the rate of deterioration of the pavement is significantly slowed.

Sealcoating protects.

Asphalt sealcoating protects and beautifies at the same time.

Asphalt pavement is mostly rock and/or stone and gravel, along with a binder. The rock, or aggregate, is held together with this binder known as asphalt cement. Maintaining this binder is essential to preserve the service life of asphalt surfaces. Rain, U.V. rays, and chemicals, as they are introduced into the asphalt, will degrade the binder and thus begin the degradation process of the asphalt. This will continue and create a surface that turns brittle. The earlier an asphalt sealer can be applied in the life cycle of asphalt the better.

We are proud to use the sealing and crack filling products from VelveTop and SealMaster. Click their links to learn more about why their products are the best on the market.

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