Spring Pothole Roundup

Got parking lots? You’ve got potholes.

There’s good news, bad news and then there are potholes.  Good news. We fix potholes.   

 When someone has an emergency, we will make a repair happen. We have two or three crews going out every day in the spring, whether it’s using the Hotbox or the infrared truck – we can  send out any size crews.   

Together we will survey those parking lots once the last snowfall is done. Fix them now before it becomes an issue or even a liability. Start scheduling for your pothole repair. Get us out there early. 

Cinco de Speed Bump.

  1. A speed bump is known as a sleeping policeman in British English, Maltese English and Caribbean English.
  2. Technically speed bumps are a class of traffic calming devices that use vertical deflection to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions. Got that?
  3. Traffic Calming?
    Yes. They combat speeding to make it a safer (or calmer) parking lot or neighborhood. But sometimes they are not driver calming.
  4. June, 1906. Chatham, New Jersey had an early implementation of what might be considered speed bumps today.  They raised its crosswalks five inches above the road level.  The average automobile’s top speed at the time was around 30 mph.
  5. We install and repair all forms of traffic calming devices. Including Speed HUMPS. Found on residential streets where they slow down vehicles but do not attempt to stop like speed bumps are designed to do. 

The Right Way 

What we mean by building it right is  – We build it with two lifts of asphalt. To help offset the increased weight from more delivery trucks and to allow for better give and take with the freeze/thaw that happens here in the Northeast – We make it a heavy duty spec.    

This  will definitely help your driveway stay stronger and last a lot longer. 

Actually it is.

John Doerrier started, what is now PaveMaster, with one of the first professional sealcoating businesses in 1979. With his 3 children and 6 grandchildren – that makes it Grandfather’s sealcoat.  


With 43 + years of experience we know that asphalt should be protected with sealcoat every 3 to 5 years. Doing so greatly increases the years you will get out of your asphalt investment.  


The deep rich, black color makes all traffic, handicap and parking markings stand out.  

More Beautiful 

Did we mention the “deep rich, black color”?  It makes every building, grounds and property look their best.  

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