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Drainage Repairs & Installation

At Pavemaster, we use only the highest quality precast concrete material and traffic bearing cast iron drainage grates and covers. By using only the best materials, equipment, and fully trained staff our quality work in this area has only driven our success. Proper installation, using filter fabric, proper piping and the right covers at the correct elevations are crucial in drainage installation. Our project managers and field supervisors will ensure that you get the proper results from each drain or drywell installed.

Drainage Installation:

When there is no proper drainage in a parking lot, a catch basin or new drywell is a possible solution to correcting the problem. The proposed area is excavated as needed and new concrete precast drainage material is installed.

Drainage Repairs:

To ensure proper pitch for drainage, catch basins and drywells will need to be adjusted and/or repaired. Cars and trucks driving over these structures throughout many years and the normal natural elements which begin to wear on these structures. Using concrete collars and cement the most common repairs will last for many years. Our team of professionals can guide you in the correct direction for any repairs or remedies you might need.