Complete Storm Water Management.

We plan and build to design as well as install upgrades and modifications.

To protect waterways and for environmental protection each property must contain its own rainwater. Stormwater management is an art and science. Engineering is for the proper system design for optimal flow and drainage. Art for the craftsman working below the surface making it happen.


Drainage Division Leader

23 years in drainage and excavation services has given Rich the experience and knowledge of what lies underground and how best to achieve superior results.

As a 15 year volunteer fireman, his leadership and safety skills are indispensable to why he is our division leader.

Experts In

Catch basins

Trench drains

French drains

Chamber systems

Dry wells

Sinkhole repair


Storm Water Management

When was the last time you checked in on your storm drain covers and their integrity? 
The first area that a parking lot will most likely weaken -  around the storm drain covers.    
Parking lots can last 20 -25 years but there will be repairs to these covers.  
As the part of the drainage system that meets the asphalt – this is our specialty. 
Trench drains are built to withstand a lot of abuse. Cars and trucks drive over these all day. 

Here we replaced an older trench drain that sat too high for years and was being damaged by snowplows hitting it.  The snowplow damage opened the drain to even more damage by the elements.  A snowball effect if you will.
Problem: Standing water issues. 
Solution:  Adding catch basins to an existing parking area to increase capacity.  
In 2021 Long Island was spared the direct hit from Henri. Large amounts of water at one time is not what we need here on Long Island. Especially the South shore – where the water table is already pretty close to the surface.  
Sometimes a parking area’s storm water runoff needs change for various reasons.  
But the effect is the same – too much storm water for the current drainage capacity.
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