Trench Drains

Recent Work

For a new build out of 2 hotels in Queens, thanks to the collective strengths, capabilities and diverse skill sets of our team – here is some of what we accomplished:

  • Site work
  • Drainage
  • Concrete sidewalks. curbs, ramps and walls
  • Masonry driveways, entrances and walls
  • Asphalt driveways and parking area
  • Signage and markings

Parking Lot Drains

Trench Drains

Trench drain for parking lots and driveways alternatively known as channel or linear drains, have particular advantages over other types of drainage systems that make them an excellent choice for parking lots, particularly in areas like the Northeast US that experience substantial rainfall and snowfall.

The distinct advantages of trench drains include:

  1. Efficiency in High Water-Volume Areas: Trench drains are designed to manage high volumes of water, making them particularly effective in parking lots, where water from a large surface area is concentrated. Unlike other drains, they have a long and narrow design, creating a larger surface area for capturing and diverting water.
  2. Versatility in Directional Water Flow: Unlike point drains that rely on the ground being sloped towards them, trench drains work effectively on a flat surface by directing the water flow in one specific direction. This can be particularly beneficial for larger parking lots, where sloping the entire area might not be practical.
  3. Avoiding Water Backup: Point drains can become overwhelmed with heavy water flow or blocked with debris, causing water backup. The design of trench drains, however, allows water to continue to flow along the length of the drain if one part is blocked.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: Trench drains are easier to clean and maintain because their design allows for simple access and inspection.
  5. Safety and Comfort: Unlike point drains, trench drains are not a tripping hazard as they are flush with the ground and can be designed to blend with the surface, thus maintaining the aesthetics of the parking lot.

Trench drains are commonly installed at the entrances and exits of parking lots where water tends to accumulate due to the large, flat surface area. They can also be found along the perimeter of a parking lot, or strategically placed in areas with a high propensity for water pooling.

In summary, the strategic application of trench drains in a parking lot design can effectively manage stormwater, protect your investment, and ensure the safety of all users.

As a comprehensive provider of exterior property services, we are fully equipped to not only install and repair trench drains but also manage a wide range of other drainage systems. Here is the link to our Drainage page

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