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Meet The Team

John L. Doerrier

President / CEO

For John, PaveMaster started as a way for him to pay his way through college. Upon graduating from SUNY Albany in 1981, he realized that he had started a successful business by the early age of 21. John always prided himself on providing a quality product and giving great customer service to his clients. By following this philosophy day in and day out, he built a business that has kept him successful for over 38 years.

John has grown the business from primarily a sealcoating and striping business to a full-service pavement maintenance and construction company. Our roots have stuck with our moto “Not Just Paving” and it shows. The customers he once served when he started can now utilize PaveMaster for every service we provide.

The culture that John has embroiled as a family owned and operated business, has given our customers a sense of satisfaction in that one part of our family will either be on or visit each job daily. This leads to what we promise in our mission. Whether it be a simple pothole repair or installing a new parking lot we treat each project with the same level of service that has enabled us to grow.

Not only has John grown the business through continuous networking and marketing but also by making the right partnerships. This has enabled PaveMaster to be what it is for over 38 years and we hope to keep it going in the same direction for generations to come.

Ryan M. Platt

Vice President

Ryan started his “paving career” rather early since he grew up in the business. Working the summers during high school and throughout college he gained a true knowledge of the foundation for all areas of this field. After graduating from Siena College in 2003 with a degree in marketing and management he took his turn working in corporate America. After 5 years in a management position for a fortune 500 company where he was given the tools to run his own business in their system, he thought it would be best to take those practices to the place where he started.

John had grown the business throughout the years to a point where it was no longer a one person show. Well Ryan saw an opportunity and decided to run with it. Starting in 2008, it was more of a “where is my office” kind of conversation but John had a different approach.

The story is pretty much told with Ryan pushing wheel barrel and being on sites learning the business from the ground up, a similar philosophy he was taught just after college. After approximately 5 years, Ryan has grown to be the number two person in the company handling all aspects of the day to day operations along with sales and forecasting. To this day, Ryan and John have built a culture within the business for their team that has retained the “right” employees so that they can provide service to the customers of PaveMaster leading to long lasting relationships. As Ryan says, “there is no substitute for quality and service, especially once price has been forgotten”.