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23 Late-season Pavement Maintenance Tips

By this time of the year contractors have “made their nut” and whatever work they complete from now is often “pure profit.” But late-season work is only profitable if it’s successful. Here are some tips to help make sure your late-season jobs retain that pure profit....

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6 “Safety Nets” to Improve Worker Productivity

6 problems and 6 solutions to improve job site productivity that will encourage workers to give their best effort every day Last issue we looked at threats to crew productivity that might need a "safety net" so workers can give their best effort every day. This issue...

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Why to Phase a Project in 27 Segments

Rose Paving’s Pacific Division receives Seal & Stripe: Large Job Award for staggering production to accommodate Esplanade Shopping Center tenants Sometimes it’s not the job that’s the challenge but the preparation for the job. That was the case for Rose Paving’s...

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Best Practices Placing Mix on Asphalt Joints

Once you’ve paved the first lane on a road or parking lot you’ll need to return to your starting point and pave the second pass. In the meanwhile the first lane – including the unsupported edge -- has been compacted. The edge of the first lane should have a 60-degree...

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