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Our Partners

Asphalt Pavers was formed in 1955 by Moe Sinetar and Herb Payne. These two gentleman started a full service paving company that catered to the need of mostly commercial clients such as property management companies and office parking lots. They provided great quality and exceptional service to their customers. Throughout the years Asphalt Pavers began working with PaveMaster on certain projects. Herb and Moe became very good friends with John that eventually grew outside the professional relationship but also to a personal one.

In 1995, after the unfortunate loss of Moe, Herb had decided he wanted to retire. He wanted to make sure the company he and Moe had built would keep up the same quality and service that they had built up over the 50 years they were in business. Herb felt the only person to do this was John Doerrier and PaveMaster. They began a transition quickly and smoothly and still to this day, Herb and John are great friends.

CCC Paving Corp was established in 1949 as a full service paving contractor serving the Nassau County Area. This business was started by Nick Cunningham and continued to be a growing entity for more than 60 years. Nick built a very reputable company with many loyal customers that have used his services time and time again. In 2006 Nick had started to look at the possibility of retirement. He wanted to explore the sale of his business mainly to someone who would uphold the same quality and service that he provided for over 60 years.

After a few years of getting to know each other and seeing what PaveMaster stood for and its core philosophies, Nick knew he would be able to entrust his customers to the right paving company. In 2008, John and Nick agreed upon a deal that would also make Nick part of the day to day operations. Nick still to this day works with John and the crew at PaveMaster making sure his quality and reputation are upheld.

Frank Cordiera and Sons, Inc. was formed in 1959. Frank Sr. with two of his three sons Frank Jr. and Larry created a full-service drainage and cesspool company. For over 50 years they have been doing new installations and repairs all across Long Island. When Frank Sr. decided to retire, his other son Jimmy came on board to keep it all in the family.

PaveMaster and “The Cordiera Brothers” have been working together for over 15 years. In 2012, they brothers wanted to “slow down”. However, it wasn’t what we at PaveMaster thought. Still to this day, we are delivering the same service and quality they gave their customers for over 50 years. Even more so, Frank and Larry apparently had no intentions of retiring, as they are still a part of the PaveMaster team. As we know, expertise and knowledge, are very valuable in our industry, we use theirs almost every day.